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Hello! I am Andrés Acosta and I believe that my country is the best country in the world!.

 Most of persons believe that their country is the best country in the world.
Almost 200 countries are recognized in the world.
Are all the citizens of the world wrong?
Is this situation logical in a global world?
Why do 99 % of the inhabitants of the Earth come to this conclusion ?

In all the cultures the adults use a certain way of educating the children so that they assume all the customs of the country where he is educated. This educational – coercive process, it is called Socialization process. It is realized by more intensity in the infancy, moment in which the persons we are less critical and more defenseless.

It is universal although it isn’t applied of the same way in all the cultures. But in all of them it generates some erroneous beliefs, like that indicated at the beginning of this text, in addition to serious social and psychological problems.

For example:

a) The absolute control that exercises the culture of our country in our behavior, without we being conscious of it.

b) The creation of the ethnocentrism that sometimes can be used against the proper individual (exaggerated promotion of the patriotism, for example) by the persons who control the most influential institutions of every culture and every country.

c) Serious psychological, affective and behavior problems, generated in some individuals during the process of socialization who sometimes extend along all his life.

We are going to center on the third problem, the point c). How many persons remain traumatized during all his life by events that lived in his infancy and that they couldn’t have overcome? Complicated experiences or deficient dealings received in the home, in the proper families, in the school, in the relation with the friends, abuses, humiliations, etc. Unpleasant events that are still latent inside this person and that influence his current behavior.

Almost all the processes of socialization of all the countries take implicitly that these problems happen, but none contributes a solution. A few times because the individual who has suffered someone or several of these problems it doesn’t have corage to solve it. Other times because he doesn’t know how to do it. And other times because the culture in which he lives doesn’t facilitate resources to him so that it could solve it.

The intention of this blog is to achieve the collective contribution of real, personal informations or not, that they show concrete cases in which a person, during his socialization process, should have suffered these harmful influences thanks to the contributions of the readership who want to collaborate. With the cooperation of many persons, it will be possible to define the general mechanism of interiorización of our process of socialization and to create a process less aggressive that avoids these problems in a high percentage of persons. The cooperation is necessary to manage, if it is possible, that these pernicious incidents can be avoided in the future.


Every person who wants to cooperate in the project will be able to send his collaborations informing about situations that he remembers to have lived in his infancy or youth and that they have influenced her in a positive way or denial along his life. Events that have helped or prevented his adaptation to the group or to the society in whom they live indicating the age in which the event happened. Also his opinion about the persons who took part in such an event. There can be personal cases or other next well-known individuals.

It isn’t necessary to contribute personal information, but it is suitable to indicate the country in which the collaborator has been educated

All the information will remain published in the blog so that other persons who are interested in this matter could contribute with opinions, prepare conclusions, collaborate in the creation of a personal or collective theory on this matter, etc. The cultural level of every individual doesn’t matter, we all have lived through this process and the opinion about all of us can be enriching.

To have a concrete and extensive idea of the way in which socialization process is realized can mark



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